Local Government Solutions


Revolutionizing Local Governments with the Power of Location

Location-based solutions have become increasingly important for our local governments in recent years as they seek to better understand and manage their communities. This technology is particularly valuable as it allows them to better serve their communities by providing accurate, up-to-date information that can inform policy decisions, resource allocation, and emergency response. With the power of location, local governments can create maps, track assets, monitor changes, and analyze data to make more informed decisions. Contact us today to get started with our local government solutions.

If you’re just here to look around, then we’re glad you’re here! Below you will find a few examples of how some of our past and current clients have leveraged our services to provide value to their communities.

Local Government Solutions

Public Notification Web Application

This public notification app is a simple-yet-powerful tool that we created for the City’s public outreach staff. Whenever an area is scheduled for an activity requiring advanced notice to nearby residents, the staff members can use the web application to designate an area of interest. From there, they can download a mailing list to alert nearby residents that an activity will be occurring in the near future. The application uses addresses and parcels from County sources which are automatically synced to the City’s enterprise database nightly. The sync enables a search of the most up-to-date records by address. Once found, the user can create a buffer around the area of interest and then export a mailing list from it. The web application is developed and maintained as a collaboration between us and one of our partners (getBounds).

Real-Time “Santa Tracker”

Client: City of Obetz
Categories: Real-time GPS Tracking, QuickCapture, automation, ArcGIS Notebooks

We partnered with the City of Obetz to create a “Santa Tracker” app so that its residents knew exactly where Santa could be found while on the tour of their city. The stack itself consisted of QuickCapture (field data collection; real-time collection of Santa’s location), an ArcGIS Online Instant App with accompanying web map, and a Jupyter Notebook run through ArcGIS Online that transferred Santa’s recent movements to his historical movements. It was a hugely successful community engagement tool. Here’s a summary:

  • The City has a population of ~5,500 people as of the 2020 census
  • Combined in 2021 and 2022, Santa rode through town for a total of about 8 hours
  • During those 8 hours, the web application was viewed 10,527 times
  • Per capita, each person in the City viewed the application almost 2 times, or once each year. That’s a huge engagement event!