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The gallery below provides a few examples of the work we perform. We’re always adding new maps and features, so be sure to check back often. But for now, have a look around and let us know if there’s anything you like!

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Open Source Gallery

Upper Alum Creek Biodiversity Explorer

The Biodiversity Explorer took home the People’s Choice award during the 2020 Ohio GIS Conference. To develop it, we worked with a local chapter of the Izaak Walton League of America to create an interactive user experience. The web application is completely self-sustaining and interacts with the free, publicly-available iNaturalist. Users use iNaturalist to add records to an existing project, and from there our web app syncs with iNaturalist nightly to add the new data to the map. Features Include:

  • Fully Interactive
  • Mobile and Desktop Versions
  • Performs nightly data sync with iNaturalist
  • Fully open source (i.e., no licensing fees)
  • Hosted on client’s web server
  • Interfaces with external applications

GEOACE Landmark

Imagine a world where you can share your spatial information without any insane enterprise-level licensing fees. In late 2021, we'll be making that dream a reality. Landmark is our flagship enterprise solution for our open clientele.

Landmark is built upon reliable and time-proven open source applications that are designed to get your data from the office, to the field, back to the office, and out to the world.

Unlimited users with access to secure communication.

One of the huge perks of going open source is the lack of licensing fees. That means that everyone in your organization can participate, and the power over who gets to see the information rests entirely in your hands.

You can make your information private, share it with your team, empower your organization, or make it publicly available to the world.

On-the-Fly Edit Capabilities

Easily correct information from a web browser--no matter where you are or what platform you're on.

On Demand Printing

Print and export the information you need in multiple formats and at any scale.

...and much more!

We'd love to hear from you if you'd like to ask us a question. Additionally, you can feel free to explore our test server to try it out yourself. Note that we take the server down from time to time for improvements (it is a test environment, after all). That being said, we'd love for you to check it out!

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Upper Alum Creek Drone Imagery Viewer

Our Drone Imagery Viewer lives on our flagship Landmark platform and provides a snapshot of what is possible with an open source enterprise solution. The viewer consumes drone-acquired orthomosaics and serves them out as WMS. More than just a viewer, the application helps to organize and catalog imagery by the date it was acquired. The map pairs well with imagery products created within applications such as OpenDroneMap, Pix4D, and DroneDeploy. Once integrated, the Viewer enables data managers to share their imagery with the world in a tile format.

  • Easily navigate to and filter through collection areas
  • Adjustable basemaps
  • Retrieve flight information on click
  • Fully open source (i.e., no licensing fees)
  • Time manager adds intuitive temporal viewing capabilities
  • Enables users to capture areas of interest in PDF, JPG, and other formats using the Print tool

Esri Gallery
Web Appbuilder
Obetz GIS Viewer

The Village of Obetz GIS Viewer was one of many applications designed for the village's staff members. The application displays live data feeds from the village's mission-critical datasets. The application doubles as a tool for collaboration and sharing of ideas via a "notes" feature which can be viewed and edited across all departments.

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Syncs data nightly

The viewer pulls the most up-to-date information from county-managed databases nightly and appends to the Obetz feature layers, ensuring the layers are current for the village's staff members.

Several Basemaps to Choose From

Users can choose whichever basemap suits their purposes, and can change it at will.

spatial data
Add Data On the Fly

Users have the ability to select or upload information from outside of their organization to optimize their workflows.

spatial analysis
Real-time Spatial Analysis

Perform analytic functions in real-time within the application. Users know their data best, and the application puts the processing power in a place that's intuitive and easy to access.

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Traditional Map Gallery

Cabin Series

Click on the captions to view larger images.

The Playground
High Resolution Vantage Points
Midnight Portrait
Aerial Image Comparison
Drone-based Elevation
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