Team Share

What is it?

GEOACE Team Share (GTS) is our full-service spatial operations program which was built with small and mid-sized organizations in mind. It’s a prepay-only service plan which gives our clients the option to “buy in” to a bank of on-demand geospatial services at rate that’s much more reasonable relative to standard consulting fees. Memberships last one year and are renewed automatically when credits are purchased in excess of the respective plan’s thresholds.

Members are entitled to their own GTS representative who acts as an extension of your office, with little-to-no notice needed on a task or project basis. GTS is intended to provide a consistent location-based (i.e., GIS) technology presence to support the organization’s decision making, outreach, and operational efficiency. Most importantly, the GTS program enables our clients to have access to a fully-staffed and specialized geospatial team. Our members have a whole suite of our services at their fingertips—from services as tedious as data entry to tasks as complex as system architecture in enterprise deployments. Interested to know more? Contact us!

How does Team Share work?

  • Fill out our quick form or gives us a call to tell us a little bit about yourself and your organization.
  • We’ll contact you to set up a quick introductory meeting. At the meeting we’ll go over introductions and talk about how your organization is leveraging or plans to leverage the power of location. Note that it’s perfectly fine to not have a clue, too. We can help!
  • Choose the plan that best suits your organization’s needs.
  • We’ll assign you a coordinator, onboard you into the system, and send you an access code to our management dashboard. After that, it’s time to win with location! You can use the dashboard to contact your coordinator, monitor the team’s activity, send questions, and a number of other administrative tasks.

Team Share Plans

Freelancer Plan




Minimum Purchase: 100 Credits

Payment Total: $7,500

Team Share Business Plan




Minimum Purchase: 150 Credits

Payment Total: $10,800

Team Share Franchise Plan




Minimum Purchase: 200 Credits

Payment Total: $13,800

Team Share Enterprise Plan




Minimum Purchase: 400 Credits

Payment Total: $26,000

Credit Utilization Rates

Role or CircumstanceCommon TasksCredits Used Per Hour Worked
Geospatial (i.e., GIS) Specialist/AnalystData visualization and map making, simple data editing,
software-based (i.e., ArcGIS Pro or QGIS) operations and geoprocessing
GIS Specialist II/GIS Analyst IIScript-based data formatting, light python work,
complex querying (SQL, python, Arcade), batch editing, remote sensing
Meetings (All Roles)GEOACE/team member meetings (usually remote).0.8
DesignerUI/UX design1.2
Web & Mobile DeveloperProcess automation, custom geoprocessing tool development, custom widget development,
javascript-based web maps (open source or customized Esri),
automated remote sensing/object classification
Project Manager/Solution ArchitectTeam assembly and tasking, planning and scope development,
refinement of project scope, progress accountability; development of the technical
vision for solutions, geospatial system architecture
Geospatial IT Administrator/DBA*Enterprise database management, ArcGIS Enterprise (Portal),
ArcGIS Server, RDBMS workflows, system networking,

*ArcGIS Enterprise, SQL Server, Oracle Db, PostgreSQL/PostGIS, various open source servers (ask for more details), Windows OS, Linux OS

Nonprofits and Local Government

If you’re a nonprofit or local government entity seeking to do more with less, we feel your pain! All of our members in these categories will receive a per-credit discount on our services. Contact us for the nonprofit and local government pricing!

Who’s Eligible for Team Share?

  • Small and Mid-sized Businesses (<100 Employees)
  • Nonprofit Organizations
  • Local Government

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